Uranus Build Guide Mobile Legends

Uranus Build Guide Mobile Legends

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Uranus Mobile Legends Hero. Find all Uranus stats and find build guides to help you play Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

Uranus Hero Info

Daimond Cost599/Battle Point Cost32000


Movement Speed260
Physical Attack144
Magic Power-
Magic Resistance16
Attack Speed0.89
HP Regen43
Mana Regen16

Background Story

The Celestial Palace – Legend has it that this city floating above the skies of the Land of Dawn was once home to the Gods. It is also said that this mysterious place holds the key to ruling the world. Eons ago, the ruler of the celestial place used the technological secrets of the ancients to create Uranus, and commanded his creation to guard the city and wait for the emergence of a new ruler. When scholars from the Land of the Dawn found and opened the gates to the Celestial Palace, the battle between the Dawn Zenith and the Dark Abyss quickly spead throughout the realm, disrupting the quietude of the ancient city. The two camps sought to occupy the Celestial Palace as a symbol of victory, their heroes unleashing the full extent of their power, and finally reaching an impasse. The massive energy released througout incessant battles eventually awakaned the ancient city’s defense system, and was converted directly into lighting power which fed and reawakend Uranus, who lay dormant in depths of the Celestial Palace. Leave now, intruders! he roared upon awakening, and then charged to the battlefield, fueled by lightning, aether, and is now ready to fullfill his desiny. His goal to expel these savage intruders disturbng the tranquility of the Celestial Palace.

Fighting Abilty

Durability 79%
Offence 34%
Ability Effects 75%
Difficulity 51%



Uranus absorbs the energy generated by an attack aimed at it to strengthen itself, generating 3 ~ 10 HP per second for every Stack for 8 seconds. This effect can be Stack up to 20 times. The number of Stack that can be collected will increase to stack at level and Stack at level.

Iconic Edge
Iconic Edge

Uranus releases two Sphere energy orbiting around it, giving 125 ~ 200 (+ 30% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to the opponent, while reducing their Physical Attack and Magic Power by 15%, and their movement speed 40% for 2 seconds. Each Stack of Radiance will increase the damage given by 3%. Each Energy Sphere can only deal damage to the same target once.

Transcendent Ward
Transcendent Ward

Uranus generates an energy shield that can absorb up to 400 ~ 1000 (+ 200% Total Physical Attack) damage for 4 seconds, and grants him immunity to the slow effect, while increasing his Movement Speed by 30%. This Shield will provide 300 ~ 750 (+ 150% Total Physical Power) Magic Damage When broken or at the end of its duration.


Uranus unleashes energy stored within his body to disable designated enemy hero, dealing 150 (+ 80% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage while granting himself 6 stack from Radiance. After briefly disable the target, uranus pull himself and target together, dealing 300 (+ 160% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage.

Uranus Build

Uranus Main Build
Uranus Secondary Build

Recomended Spells


Deals 115-325 magic damage to surrounding enemies(increases with level)and petrifies targets for 0.7s.


Teleport a certain distance in a specified direction.For 1s after the teleport,duration of disabling effects received will be reduced 50%.

Recomended Emblems

  • Armor +10
  • Magic Resistance +10
  • HP +345
  • Cooldown Reduction %2
  • HP Regen +18
  • Physical Attack +14
  • HP Regen + 18
  • Crit Chance %2
  • HP + 267
  • Attack Speed %3

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