Let a Walk in Nature Soothe Your Anxiety

Let a Walk in Nature Soothe Your Anxiety

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Nature Soothe Your Anxiety – It is well known that nature helps people a lot to get rid of their stresses and to receive an upsurge of life energy. In a number of songs for kids, this idea is underlined.

The Sun, the water, the Earth, and the air, are our best friends! And these songs are completely right. It is not surprising that the majority of us like going to their summer cottagers, to go to great outdoor hikes, to cook barbeques at various woodsy, river and clam parties, and to spend weeks on the picturesque sea and ocean beaches. Our desire to be closer to the nature is inscribed in our gene memory.

Thousands of our grand-grand-grand ancestors lived and worked on the Earth. The present day doctors and psychiatrists advise us to go to the country and wild nature at least for three days. It helps a lot to forget about your business problems and to accumulate new energy for your hard hitting office battles.

What nature activities are the most suitable for us?

Forest hikes and woodsy parties. The far from human civilization the better. Even if you go to the nearest forest for several hours, you will feel a significant health improvement and mood change. They say that the best forest id the forest with oaks, fir and pine trees. Fir and pine trees take your negative energy and oaks give us positive energy. Our ancestors affirmed it, the present day alternative doctors, assert it too.

Sea activities. Beard veterans of sea and ocean resorts look physically fit, don`t have extra weight, and look ten years younger that their golden cuffed office peers. If you look at those people you just go to some California or Florida resort, and at those who come back, you will notice a great difference. The vicious, dead pan, sad and worn out faces of the first turn into relaxed, happy and friendly of the second. Sea absorbs all negative emotions and fill our skin and body with so necessary for it mineral salts and other components.

Summer cottage field work. If your plant fruit trees, berry bushes, and various kinds of vegetables and flowers, your health is also considerably improved.

The Earth gives a lot of positive energy. Just one hundred years ago in spring, in a lot of European countries, there was a tradition to lie on just plowed land and to spend there for twenty-thirty minutes. Land gives you a lot of life energy.

I remember one senior man, whom I encountered somewhere ten years ago at one river based summer cottage. At our occasional river party he told us a lot of stories about the WWII. He looked 60 years old, but in 1942 he was taken to some concentration camp, he ran from there, joined some army unit and so on, and so on.

At first we listened to him attentively, but after that we started doubting. How old are you old guy. He a said that he was born in 1924 and even brought some document…We were shocked, but he just smiled for twenty years he lived in the summer cottage of his high profile son. And can tell you a lot of other stories, which support this simple idea, the closer to the nature, the longer you live.

Summary. We mentioned just only three nature related activities in this article, but the list could be substantially enlarged. I any way, one simple idea you are to keep in mind, nature, with its air, water, land and sun rays, treats us considerably better than other kinds of treatment. Don`t ignore your ancestors, their experience, their love of nature, and you will be really healthy.

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